About the Society

The Midnight Society name serves as a homage to the children’s television show ‘Are You Afraid of the Dark?’. In that show, a group of children who call themselves The Midnight Society gather round a fire pit and tell each other spooky stories featuring killer clowns, and kooky ghost adventures. Little did they know, reality provides far more terrifying tales.

This Society aims to shed a light upon those twisted tales, both past and present, to slake and satisfy our innate dark desire to learn more about the weird side of life. Everyone has that morbid curiosity deep down in them, stirring in the depths like an Elder God of Lovecraftian creation. Topics include strange creatures, mythical folklore, real true crime case studies, the occult, conspiracy theories, among others of the ‘high strangeness’ types. Viewer discretion is advised. This website will serve as the touchstone, the headquarters, of the researchers who want to know more. All posts are inspected and approved by the Director.

Knowledge is power. Don’t get too greedy.